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System X Add-ons

System X Revive™ brings faded plastic and trim back to life while protecting from future wear and fading.

System X Glass™ protects your windshields/windscreens, mirrors, headlamps, and glass surfaces for up to 2 years!

System X Wheel™ comprises advanced ceramic technology found in our most durable coatings and blended to become even more corrosion resistant than ever before.

Protect wheels from extremely corrosive and damaging brake dust. Registers to Carfax.

From $90.00 

All services can be customized to fit your specific needs & budget.


System X Revive™

  • Deep cleaning of all exterior plastic trim
  • Application of System X Revive™
  • 2-3 Year Durability*

System X Glass™

  • Cleaning & polishing of exterior glass
  • Application of System X Glass™
  • 2-3 Year Durability*

System X Wheel™

  • Removal of wheel
  • Face & Barrel deep cleaned
  • Application of System X Wheel™
  • Reported to Carfax when registered online
  • Wheel re-installed & torqued to specification
  • Up to 3 years durability*

* Longevity depends on maintenance, environmental factors & use.

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